Friday, June 3, 2011

Meat Free (sort of)

I am no longer eating meat. Again.

I've always been on the fence about being a vegetarian.
My mother has been once for my entire life and I'm starting to realize that I am becoming her.
I was vegan for a short time in university, but gave that up because I was really unhealthy about it and couldn't resist cheesy-goodness anymore.
I've also not eaten anything from the ocean for the past 4 years. I'm not a supporter of over-fishing and it's my small fight against that. I know that AK salmon is sustainable, but it's just easier for me keep one solid rule than make exceptions.  (Plus, I'll rule the world when you all die of mercury poisoning).

So, what prompted this new attempt? I just finished re-reading Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals, which is a really horrifying inside look at factory farms, the meat industry and what stories we are passing on to our descendants by the food we eat. One of his arguments is that one cannot be an environmentalist and eat food from factory farms and I consider myself an environmentalist....

But, that doesn't mean I'm cutting meat out of my diet completely. What I am doing is only eating locally-killed game/family farm food. So for Juneau that means that I'm a vegetarian, though I do have some chicken and moose from a friend in Fairbanks and I'm ruling that fair game.

It's going to be rough in grilling season. Val (the unseen contributor to this blog and Mag's housewife) is BIG on grilling steak and takes it personally when someone doesn't consume steak, but she's also accommodating and created this for me a few nights ago.

 A grilled egg in a pepper with goat cheese. It's a wonderful vessel for Siracha. 

Things are about to get inventive here at Kitchen Dance Party. 


  1. I have some moose from Fiona in my freezer still, we should probably have a moose grilling party before you leave...

  2. I have a bunch of moose from Fiona too. We do need to have a BBQ. I was also thinking about making empanadas with it...