Monday, June 27, 2011

Food Klepto

A quick lesson in how to steal dorm food:

1. Invest in ziplock bags and tupperwear.
2. Carry a bag that is easy to access, preferably a sling, or a large backpack. Depending on the items.
3. Collect the food on a plate, then transfer to container while at table.
4. Be cool.

Fruit is the easiest.
I've been making trail mix with dried bananas, walnuts, raisins and granola.
Vegetables are pretty easy too.

I'm going to graduate to warm food this week.
And perhaps ice cream.

I've also accepted a challenge:
To steal an entire tray of mashed potatoes, in one meal sitting, through the use of ziplock bags.

I'll keep you posted.
Or call you if I need someone to post bail.
Dorm Trail Mix- my down fall. 

Music wise- I've been listening to a lot of Gershwin, for my composition. Also some Old Crow Medicine Show (also for the composition, but that's all I can reveal, until we perform on Wednesday).


  1. don't forget to take the jam and ketchup packets. jam is a great topping for everything and never underestimate the deliciousness of tomato soup made with hot water and ketchup.

    no it's not gross.

    stop judging me.

  2. I am taking full advantage of the jam, peanut butter and honey packets.

    No judgement here, I am a big fan of the delicacy of ketchup on saltines.