Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Perfect Scone: The Rookery

It's been a while (cleanse, had to count my pennies etc...), but I finally kicked off the search.

I love The Rookery. Love it.

It's a place where:
a. I dig the atmosphere enough to spend a significant amount of time there.
b. can actually get work done.
c. They have, hands down, the best coffee in Juneau
d. They have some of the best bistro type food in Juneau
e. It goes with the atmosphere, but the owners/staff really enjoy what they do and it shows.
f. I'm all about supporting new businesses in town.
g. It's affordable for the perpetual student/intern/starving theatre artist that I am.

So it pains me, it really does....
but their scones aren't my favorite.

Let's review- the scones have to be able to be dunked in coffee and not crumble. So they must be crusty on the outside, but still light on the inside.

Don't get me wrong, the scones are still excellent, but they are very flaky, buttery and a little under worked for my taste.
On the plus side, they aren't too sweet and it's a nice serving size, if that's your thing.

Don't let this deter you. Go. Now. They are good people doing great things for the Juneau culinary experience.

And I'm looking forward to my next scone.

Spinning this week:
I'm really digging Raphael Saadiq's 'Stone Rollin''

I haven't bought the album yet, but it was on NPR's First Listen. It just dropped about a week ago and I'm not much of an R&B fan, but it's pretty old school, soulful and I want to wrap myself in his voice.

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