Monday, May 16, 2011

Musicmusicmusic (+ a flavored vodka teaser!)

Mags' kitchen playlist 5/11/11:

1." Go Your Own Way" Fleetwood Mac (I blame Glee.)
2. "Living in America" The Sounds
3. "Arlandria" Foo Fighters
4. "Houdini" Foster the People (If you haven't heard of Foster the People, look them up now! I've been obsessed with "Pumped Up Kicks" since last year and have total faith their upcoming album is going to be crazy-pop-awesome.)
5. "Stare Into the Sun" Graffiti6
6. "Satellite Mind" Metric
7. "Armistice" Phoenix (I once told Val the reason I liked this particular Phoenix song was because the intro reminded me of one of the levels in the Sims for DS game. I know now (mostly from her raised eyebrow) that this is not a socially acceptable way of favoring music.)
8. "Barton Hollow" Civil Wars
9. "This is Why We Fight" Decemberists (I think americana was an excellent direction for the Decemberists.)
10. "Under the Cover of Darkness" The Strokes

Coming soon...

Flavored vodka cocktails!

Val started infusing some vodka last night. One with lavender buds and the other with thai basil. We found these neat glass containers at a garage sale recently, and we bought four of them. So, expect two more flavors before too long.

Thai Basil
And we are very excited to make some fabulous summer cocktails with them.

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