Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cookie Butter

Yeah, I know. Two posts from Mags in the same month. Try to keep your pants on.

I was re-reading my soup post, and I realized I forgot to include the amazing dessert I made afterwards because I was feeling sorry for myself.

While scrolling through ye olde FoodGawker, I noticed that all the bloggers were losing their shit over something called Biscoff spread. Now, I live in Alaska. I gave up hope long ago of being able to find new, trendy ingredients in our local Fred Meyer; it just doesn’t happen. So, IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when I walked into my neighborhood grocery store and right there, next to the Nutella, was a little glass jar of Biscoff.

YOU GUYS, Biscoff spread is peanut butter except instead of peanuts they use CRUSHED UP COOKIES. I shit you not. It is now possible to spread cookies on your morning English muffin.

I decided to make cake. 

Biscoff Mug Cake

4 Tbs self-rising flour (if you don’t have self-rising flour, you can use regular flour and ¼ tsp baking powder)
3 Tbs sugar
1 egg
3 Tbs Bischoff spread
3 Tbs milk
3 Tbs oil
1 tsp vanilla

Put all of the ingredients in a mug and stir until combined. I used a fork.

Microwave for 2 ½ to 3 minutes. This is the hard part. After two minutes, risk the brain cancer and keep an eye on it. You might have to stop and start it a couple times towards the end so it doesn’t overflow.  You can tell when it’s done if it looks like cake when you take a forkful of it. (The surface may still look shiny, but the rest of it is done.)

Let it cool, or you will destroy your mouth.

So tasty I forgot to take a picture of it.

 Then cue up last week’s “Downton Abbey” and dig in! 


You now have my permission to lose your pants. I know I did.


  1. All you need is the recipe for a cat safe one and your fate will be sealed.

  2. I'm taking you with me, Wolf. We will be neighbors and wear matching wind breakers and keds.