Friday, April 15, 2011

In Search of the Perfect Scone. A series.

I have to confess.

I am a scone snob.

I have a very specific and particular idea of what scones should be and am very very depressed when I get one that isn't. Now, don't get me wrong, even if said scone doesn't fulfill my idea of what it could have been, that doesn't mean that I'll turn my nose up at it. I'll just think about the unfilled potential of the scone while consuming it.

What I really love about scones is having them with coffee. Being able to dip a hunk into some brew to soften it up is probably the best thing ever. And yes, I understand that this means that scones are just another vessel for me to consume caffeine, but what a good vessel they are.

I found the perfect scone for this once, here in Juneau. They were at the now defunct Valentines Cafe.
They were so big and solid that they could have had their own GDP. You would get one at lunch and it would also be your afternoon snack and breakfast the next morning, if you were really hungry. And the best part was that they were so crusty and solid that they would not crumble when dipped in the cup of joe. There was no fishing out scone crumbs with a spoon. They were perfect...I miss them.

So I am setting out on a mission to find the perfect scone in Juneau.
Let it be understood that this is completely by my and only my standards. I'm not here to knock anyone down.

This will be a two part mission.
Part One is to find the perfect scone that someone else makes. There is something so je ne sais quoi  about sitting in a coffee shop with a scone and coffee, writing poetry/plays/whatever floats your boat (Every time I'm in this environment, I try to do something artsy, but usually end up balancing my check book. I'm a notorious procrastinator when it comes to actually writing something).
The only requirements for said scone huts is scones and coffee.

The places in Juneau that follow this include (if you know of any others, please let me know):
The Waffle Company,
Heritage Coffee Co (they serve scones made by Abby's Kitchen)
Breeze Inn
Silverbow Bakery
The Rookery
Paradise Cafe
Pie in the Sky
Rainbow Foods- this is the only "grocery store" I'm going to for this project.

Part Two is to try and recreate the Valentines recipe in my kitchen (or find a better one). I've been trying this for a's been an un-sucessful shit show so far. But, I hear rumor that the Valentines recipe is still floating around, so those posts may turn into the lengths that I will go to get it.

Music wise- In the bluegrass/Alaska Folk Fest Trenches right now. It's a good place to be.
Check it out:


  1. Vintage Cafe in the mall has scones and coffee. I think they are delicious but that is the only place I have ever had them from. I'm not a scone doctor.

  2. I completely forgot about them. Thanks!